Get Outta Here

So today I got my first taste of real prejudice against this lifestyle.  And truthfully, I am pissed. 

Sir and I are new to this lifestyle.  Living in a D/s relationship is new and exciting to us.  We, like most others upon embarking on this adventure, are searching.  We are looking for people who are like us.  Looking for those willing to answer questions and talk and just accept who and what we are.  We are looking for places to learn and explore all this life has to offer.  And one of the places you find that is at a BDSM establishment. 

I will admit, they are called dungeons.  And the term is kind of intimidating to me.  After searching for local places in this Midwest hell of uptight Catholic prudes, I found a place.  I was excited and aprehensive at the same time. 

It was a well established place, about three years old.  It had a modest following of about 150 people.  The BDSM family who ran it were very friendly and helpful.  They welcomed new people into the lifestyle, wanting only for those who came there to have fun and be comfortable.  I read every bit of information I could find on it.  I read all the reviews.  There was not one negative thing said about them or their establishment.  I wanted to go even more now. 

I was nervous.  I had visions of a dark place.  It had ropes and chains and people screaming in pain.  It had men and women in various states of torture. All there were dressed in black leather. Sex abounding on every available surface. It was a sexual freak show. When I spoke to others they just laughed at my lack of knowledge. Most of them admitting that they also had the same thoughts.

I was invited by the owners of this club to look at pictures and see what I was walking into. It was clean and well lit. It had a gallery to watch the play at the different station. There was a large screen TV to watch movies and an area for water and juice and snacks. There is no alcohol allowed. There is no alcohol in play period. It is too dangerous to mix the two. Some one could be hurt. It was a nice looking place. The dungeon master was part of the family who ran it. He explained he would give us a tour and be there for us if we had any questions. It was very comfortable to talk to them.

Excited about this new adventure, I was ready to go. That was until today. The building had other tenants. And those other tenants had worked for the three years to get the dungeon removed. The dungeon was a good tenant, paying its bills on time and working with the owner to aleviate any issues that arose. But, the other tenants did not like this type of establishment in the building and treatened to move. If they did the owner would lose not only income but the whole building. The dungeon did the only respectable thing. It put the need of the owner before the need of themselves.

The other tenants claimed their religious beliefs were being trampled on. They were angry and bigoted. They never had an issue with the owners nor the people attending the parties. Their only complaint is that we are different. We do bad things. Hmmm… really?
I have seen people hurt and killed in the name of religious beliefs. I have watched people judge others, snub them, and talk badly in the name of religion. I am a religous person of deep faith. Sir is a religous man of deep faith. We have raised our children to be also. But, we have also raised them to not judge. We can not judge others. That is not out place. Only One can judge and it sure isn’t me. I was taught you give a hand to the weak and the poor. You accept those around you for the life they live. You can live among it or you can walk away. You judge a person by their character. These people were of character. That shallow, narrow minded, bigoted people in the name of religion can whine and complain to get their way makes me angry.

I guess when you stand behind religion, character doesn’t matter. It is true the squeeky wheel gets the oil.

About scarletdahlia or babydoll

This is thoughts and lessons I learn living in a D/s relationship.
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