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11 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Mike (LONESTAR) says:

    Just found your blog a few days ago. I love it my Mistress and I have been reading it. Very in site full and helpful for us both. You have answered questions for me concerning having to operate in the vanilla world and at the same time keeping a.D/s relationship in the forefront at the same time.
    Even though I’m a male your prospective has helped me out a lot.

    Thank you

  2. Hyia says:

    Thank you. Thank you. I’m really new to this whole D/s thing. In previous relationships my friends would always joke that I was always the man…then I met this man who I am now engaged to and things just changed or rather the real me came out because for the first time I was with someone I trusted and felt safe with. Previously I had to be in control to prevent being hurt. But I have told my Dom he could totally break my heart, I just trust that he won’t. This trust has allowed me to relinquish control and I’ve never felt happier. It’s a strange shift for me and I still intellectually fight it. How you speak about the love between you and your Sir and how you open up about the realities of life is refreshing.
    Anyway my point is I appreciate your candor and as a sub in training I appreciate reading something from an obviously intelligent woman. I’ve always felt shame in my desires to be dominated and have never felt safe until now acting on or sharing those desires. It just so happens I met a perfect match for me.
    Wishing you the best and thanks again.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. I appreciate it very much. I am so happy you found what you are looking for. My hope for you is that it is a wonderful and fulfilling experience. Good luck.

  3. karen says:

    Hi. I have enjoyed reading your blog. I am to receive my first training lesson this week from my Dom. I am excited and scared. I have questions I can’t find answers to…as it grows closer, self doubt is creeping in. If you have literature you can recommend, or dare offer any advice to a novice…I would be so grateful. One minute my knees are weak in anticipation and the next, I’m terrified after viewing some images/photography…I have no desire to emulate the porn start scene…I don’t have beautiful corsets and all the other attributes…I guess talking to my Dom is the most reasonable,honest way to confront this.argh….weakness I hate to be seen as such! Thank you, Karen

    • Hi Karen,
      First thank you for stopping by our little corner of the world. We appreciate it very much.
      And as far as my advice to you. Darling, relax. Your Dom wants you for you. Not for corsets and porn moves. He saw something in you that He wanted to have. And that is what you need to remember. He chose you as much as you chose Him.
      And I think you answered your own question. I always tell subs that talking to their Dom is the best choice when you have things you may doubt or be unsure of. I don’t know one good Dom who is not willing to listen to and take His sub’s concerns into consideration.
      We are of course here if you need some advice. We are always willing to listen and help if we can. The best way to reach is on Facebook. Please do not hesitate to stop by if you feel the need to.
      Good luck on your first lesson. I hope that it all goes well.

  4. Chris says:

    Is there a way to contact y’all besides FB due to the fact me nor my sub have a FB?

  5. James says:

    I am into d/s relationship but it is ldr. 2689 miles away. Really want it to work but my little finds it a bit hard. I really love her but respect her choice also. I don’t want to lose her nor force just want to know ways, rules, regulations, protocols to make it work.

    • Hi James,
      Thank you for contacting us. We can give you some ideas for long distance relationships. I have been involved with many people who have successful relationships like this. Do you have a Facebook account? The best way to contact us is to visit our page Sir and babydoll. Otherwise I can leave links to a few pages here. Let me know.
      Scarlett aka babydoll

  6. Samantha says:


    My husband and I just recently started D/s. We were trying to lead more ‘traditional’ roles within the marriage, and we would always fight…and eventually, resentment started to grow. We finally discovered that it’s because we don’t fit stereotypes. I’ve always been an alpha/leader type of personality, but once we got married I attempted (and failed) at being the stereotypical submissive wife. My husband has been trying to be more dominant all his life as their was considerable pressure to ‘be a man,’ but really he thinks like a sub and is a sub. Anyway, it just caused a crap ton of problems, not just within the relationship but also with ourselves. A lot of tension was released when we discovered that we could be who we were within this relationship. We didn’t have to pretend. Anyway, my question is….what the hell do I do lol? I feel like there is a lot to learn. I don’t want to tell my husband this, because I don’t want him to feel insecure or lose trust in me. I have no issue with my role, but I want it done right. But it seems everything I’ve seen regarding female Dom is at the extreme…treating the sub like a pet or slave and to each their own, but that’s not what I’m aiming for. I demand respect, and I expect it. At the same time, his safety and well being is important to me. I know that my being unknowledgeable in some of these areas, could be dangerous. This needs to be done right, but I’m lost in the sauce on some of this.

  7. David says:

    My wife is interested in ending our vanilla way of life as she has read many different books on this subject and it has opened her up to knowing herself and has shed light on her past as being with Dom men. The toughest part is the struggle with family life, being with kids. How does this work with our everyday life.

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